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Lâmpada de Fenda S260

Vendedor: Sara Intercom
País:  Macau  Macau
Email: Enviar email
Data: 09-07-2020
Estado: novo
Preço:  €2000.00

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Product Name: Slit Lamp Microscope/Spaltlampe/Lámparas de Hendidura/Lampe à fente/LAMPADA A FESSURA/Spleetlampen/Spleetlampmicroscoop /Lâmpada de fenda/Spaltlampa/Щелевые лампы/ŠTĚRBINOVÁ LAMPA/Štěrbinová lampa/Spaltelamper/réslámpák

LED light source advantages:
1. It will provide better image, due to the blue/green nature of the light.
2. It will provide almost no glare, when u use with lens to look the retina.
3. It is all the cool light etc. Heatless and soft light. Both doctor and patient will feel comfortable with this new light source.
4. Long lifetime. The LED module we used is rated 20, 000 hours at full power.
Other features:
1. The Galilean-type magnification system provides the 10x, 16x and 25x three magnification (Standard configuration) and 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x (professional configuration); No need to change the eyepieces. The CCD adaptor, digital camera and teaching tube are supported.
2. It provides 0.5mm, 3.5mm, 8mm and 14mm (max) apertures; It is specially fit for the examination for contact lens and foreign body in cornea.
3. The slit angle can turn over 180degree, horizontal scanning is supported.
4. Thermal Safety, Cobalt Blue and Red Free filters are provided as standard. Yellow filter, Amber filter and Polarization filter are optional.
5. Optional accessories: Applanation tonometer, beam splitter, DC adaptor, DC, video camera adaptor, video camera and teaching tube etc.

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